Monday, December 31, 2012

.hello 2013.

Oh wow it's 2013 already!
Okay, I know it has been like decades ago since I've posted anything here, but... as one of my new year's resolution, I would like to post more postings here *Okaaay just one of my weird and dorky (and not to mention lame) resolution for 2013. Hopefully that is.

Anyways, my other resolutions are *incomplete but who cares*

I'll survive the big bad world's acts. 
I would be less judgy, sensitive and paranoid.
I'll never stop loving someone *you know who you are* who loves me as much as I do (;
I'd be less of a moron when it comes to decision making.
I'd kick-ass in my upcoming grades in my upcoming semester.
I'll prioritize my family first no matter what happens 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

.tear jerker.

Do you know what's wrong with the word 'sorry'? It gives people the wrong idea that any mistake can be solved by a single word.

Here's the thing, just something that's been lingering in the corner of my mind today. This post goes out to a dear friend of mine.
Regardless whether he is an eye candy or a heartthrob for all I care, but once a guy hits a girl, what makes you think he won't do it again? Same goes to lying, cheating and plain-old-mouth-torture..
He keeps yelling at you and bad mouthing you in front of his friends but still you see him as the perfect guy. Remember, this is the guy that once told you he'll never hurt you in any way.

Well, NEWS FLASH girl, HE DID.

Come on girl, I know you already know what to do. Maybe you just need a little push to do the right thing.
Well, just know this. Whatever it is that you decide, hopefully it's the right one, I'll be there, always, right next to you Darl (:

.stop eating people you monster.

Hiiiiiiiii (:
What. Did. I. Do. Today? (did I made you pause for each of the words when you read this?) X)
Hmm, lemme start from the beginning.
Had this for lunch with Mia Amirrudin!

Mia was so so so nice to drive me all the way to IKEA! (lama tak makan meatballs. Hehe)
Thanks Mia (;

Okay, moving on.
After lunch, we headed straight to Unisel as we had Linguistics class at 3pm. It was already 2.07pm.

O M GOSH! Rushing*

The moment we got into the class, after about 10 minutes, the lecturer called,
CLASS CANCEL (Hancur hati tau*) :|

Lalalalalala since we had nothing else to do, we(Me, Mia, Nana, Mida, Iya, Iz) decided to drive all the way to Kuala Selangor to watch this,

It was a Freakin' Freak Show I tell ya!
Like sumpah tak tipu. My heart stopped beating for the whole hour and 10 minutes (well, maybe that's a lie but it felt like it did.)

There was this one scene where a couple was about to "well you know.." and the piranha came out from her "well you know.." and bit his "well you know..". (sorry for the use of Mr K's line too much) =D

We were screaming, yelling, shrieking and all the other words you can find in the dictionary that are the synonym of the word shout. Oh God it was terrifying*

Anyways, I definitely had my fun today (:

Saturday, June 2, 2012

.the land of grapes.

Today, my family and I got the chance to be at the approximate geographic coordinates of N05° 55.908' E100° N05° 55.908' E100° 46.262.


X) Well.. we got the chance to visit Beris Lake Vineyard in Kedah! (Since we are currently already in Penang, So, Why not right?)

My family and I had a BLAST =D Well, aside from the heat and sweats and well.. Okay okay, enough with that. Everything has it’s bad side* So here’s some photos from today (:

We got there at around 2.30 pm. Excited*

Time to snap pictures! Where are em' grapes?!

Okay, well, yes, papa was also super excited =D

Pose for the camera Ryna!

THE MOMENT YOU ALL HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR *drum roll please* Opps terlebih lah pula X)

Coooool *drooling*

Has there been any existence of the Queen Of All Grapes? *Merapu kejap*

*Sign: Please do not pluck* Just one, just one, just one :p

Can't get enough of this*


If only we could eat this right away. Hmm.

Papa and mama (:

Longing for you from far.. (Am I still talking about grapes or what?)

Family portrait time!

We went to this shop for lunch at about 5.30 pm (Was the meal still considered "lunch"?)

The owner actually owns a chicken as a pet where her family treats it like a cat. Feed it, bathe it. Seriously*

Char Kuew Teow for lunch. Nyumm*

It was unbelievably-finger-lickin'-good X)

Wishing for more great trips like this in the future (:

Friday, June 1, 2012

.it's all about me.

Paranoid? Complicated? Curious? These are the obvious words that lingered in my mind when my lecturer asked me the question “State an adjective that describe yourself.” last Thursday.
I can greet you guys with any kind of greeting you want. Hello? Hi? Howdy? How ya doin’? etc etc. I’m sure you guys have seen this a lot in other blogs (Even in my previous blog). BOOORING.
To not bore you guys, lemme just point out the main ones.
Nurul Batrisyia Syasya (:
Currently, 18.
A TESL student.
Big time lover of Japanese food.
Love to sing.
Coffee lover.
Do not eat any kind of sauce except blackpepper & BBQ.
Sometimes I blurt things out unintentionally :(
I'm such a hopeless romantic.
I could cry almost to anything even to a sad song.
I can't help but to draw on misty windows =D
Sometimes I act like a 6 year old :p
I'm not like the other population of girls on earth who's obsess with One Direction.